25 Categories

  1. Soups (small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  2. Hot drinks & Broth (tea, coffee, broth, cacao etc. anything that makes a hot drink)
  3. Soft, beauty & health drinks(may also include water flavourings etc. small amount of refined sugar is permitted in fermented products only)
  4. Juices & smoothies (may be fruit or vegetable based, juice kits fresh or frozen, chilled ready juices, must not be pasturised or heated above 40C)
  5. Sweet snacks (including snack bars & fruit based snacks, snack kits, fruit only snacks, raw snacks)
  6. Savoury snacks (including vegetable, nut or seed based snacks, meat based, freeze dried veg, snack kits, crackers etc. –small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  7. High Protein & Sports nutrition (plant based protein snacks, insect based, bars, meal replacements, shakes and supplements)
  8. Sweet bakes & mixes (including ready baked cakes, cake mixes, flapjacks)
  9. Savoury bakes, bread & mixes (including fresh, frozen bakes and mixes – small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  10. Breakfasts (cereals, granola, porridge)
  11. Pasta (fresh or dry)
  12. Ready meals and snack pots (chilled, frozen, canned, noodles etc. small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  13. Dairy Free Milk & cheese (milk and cheese alternatives)
  14. Dairy Free Yoghurts & desserts (yoghurts and chilled desserts)
  15. Dairy Free Ice Cream (frozen desserts)
  16. Dairy with a difference (must have some health benefits or unique properties such as live bacteria, fermented, high protein etc.)
  17. For children (snacks, bars & meals marketed for children, small amount of refined sugar is permitted in ready meals)
  18. Chocolate (bars & buttons only – chocolate based snacks must be entered in the Sweet snacks category)
  19. Raw and Superfoods (may include fruit or vegetable based products, snacks, powdered products such as macha, cacao, turmeric, spirulina etc.)
  20. Gut Friendly & Fermented (including snacks, meals, breakfasts, drinks, starches etc. small amount of refined sugar is permitted)
  21. Sprouted (including breads, breakfasts, snacks must be using sprouted gluten free grains or legumes)
  22. Ingredients (flours, sauces, oils, condiments, spreads, natural sweeteners etc.)
  23. Made to order small producers (enter 3 samples in a single entry, sweet and savoury bakes, snacks, mixes and meals that are sold at local markets, shops or made to order)
  24. Creative delivery (vending, box schemes, hampers, subscriptions, must provide gluten free, vegan, paleo or sugar free product selection)
  25. Wild Card– products may include gluten, dairy and small amount of refined sugar, products must be wholesome and nutritious. (organic, ancient grains, oats, high protein, reduced sugar, products made with butter or have good health benefits)